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Bakery Order Form for March 9th out now

It’s week two for our current specials: the Rye soda bread and Apple and Custard Kickshaws. The soda bread, as the name implies, is made with bicarbonate of soda as the leavening agent instead of yeast. The process has ancient orgins, as before the modern bicarb we all know from baking, predecessor potash was used by Native American groups for quick breads, and it’s also a vital ingredient in traditional German baking, including season favourite ginger leibkucken. Our is the Bread In Common take on the Irish soda bread, made with honey, buttermilk and seeds.

We’re hoping you enjoyed the Apple and Custard Kickshaws too – let us know what you thought of both of them.

Order and pay online at

or email us at by 6pm on Weds 8 March, pick up your order freshly baked that day on Thurs 9 March from 1-6pm.

Finally, you might spot us on BBC WM Inside Out from 7:30pm tonight, as part of Stoke-on-Trent’s bid to be UK City of Culture.

Pics: the Rye soda bread

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