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Bakery Order List for Good Friday out now

GOOD FRIDAY: GOOD BAKING from Bread in Common. As Friday is bake day we are open for your Easter entertaining needs, so we can get our freshly baked real bread goodness straight to you. Hot cross buns are of course the stars of the show, but as (perhaps) you can’t eat them three times a day there’s Focaccia, a new Walnut and Raisin cob and more to see you through the holiday. We look forward to seeing you all on Good Friday.

Ordering through the form by Weds 6pm. Your bread will say £0.00 in the order box to make the form work, but in the text we give the price you pay on collection: cash or card payments, cash if possible. We are open on Good Friday from 12 noon – 6:00pm for you to pick up your order.

This week’s order form is here.

Image: some of the mountain of Hot Cross Buns from last week’s bake

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