Bakery Order List for Thurs 4 May out now

New specials week and we’ve got two great new bakes for you to try. Our first is the French classic: fougasse: the Provence version of a focaccia-style flatbread baked in a distinctive slashed pattern. For those of you who watched Bakeoff last year (what you didn’t?), contestant Tom Gilliford provided an unforgettable moment in bread week. All the other bakers were perplexed by making fougasse but not Tom, he happily confessed that it was his ‘go-to cinema snack’. Ours can go with cheese or hummus just as well as being consumed in the dark, and comes either plain or with herbs. It’s a fantastic tear ’n’ share bread and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Along with this comes a new twist on our perennial favourite the Babka. We tested several new recipes this week, and the clear winner was the Barfi Babka, inspired by Indian sweets, and with fennel and cardamom among the secret spice mix.

Is that enough? It surely is, but never fear our regular bakes are here as dependable and tasty as ever.

Order and pay online at
or email us at by 6pm on Weds 3 May, pick up your order freshly baked that day on Thurs 4 May from 1-6pm.

Image: Fougasse – test bake! (plain)

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