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Bakery Order List for Thursday 23rd June 2016

We love the weekly bake and it’s the highlight of the Bread In Common week. But in between we are out and about Stoke-on-Trent and beyond running baking workshops and catering events. On Friday we were at Airspace Gallery running a baking workshop for artist Sam Treadway. On Tuesday we’re catering at a Staffordshire University event Social Enterprise Matters and talking about Bread In Common as not just a bakery but a bakery with a vision and a mission.

Our delicious Altamura-style loaf, The Gill, made a successful debut last week. Its semolina flour gives it a unique texture and flavour – and we’d urge everyone who didn’t get one last week to do so this week.

Our weekly specials

The Gill – 800g an Altamura-style Italian loaf – perfect summer eating- made with natural leaven and semolina. Named for the B Arts co-founder Gill who loved Italy especially the food. (V) £2.20

Teacakes – 100g Fruit loaf but in a tea cake (V) 4 for £2.50

Babka Roses – 120g Poppy seed filled sweet treats- like a Chelsea Bun but with a hint of Middle Eastern flavours (V) £1.00 or for even better value buy a whole ‘Rose’ of seven for £6.30.

Challah – 1000g A rich brioche style loaf topped with sesame seeds (V) £3.50

Taster pack Choose 4 mini loaves (200g each) from: Rye and Caraway, Challah, Staffordshire Cob, Focaccia, The Gill, Malthouse £3.00

And our regular bake stars:

Fat White – 800g A not completely white split tin loaf, made using a 24 hour proof for a deep bread flavour (V) £2.00

Staffordshire Cob – 600g Made with a base of white and wholemeal organic bread flours, a good dose of medium oatmeal for a creamy crumb, shot through with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds for a good crunch (V+) £2.20

Malthouse Baton 600g a short granary baton with wheat flakes for a dark chewy, malty bread – great with cheese (V+) £2.00

Focaccia 600g Italian classic with 2 different toppings: rosemary and sea salt, or olives (V+) £2.20

Rye and Caraway 600g Beautiful light rye sourdough with the great flavour of caraway (V+) £2.20

To order please email your requests to by 6pm on Weds 22 June please

Collection between 1.00 and 6.00pm on Thurs 23 June from 72 Hartshill Road Stoke. We prefer cash but do take cards.

We always welcome feedback and if there’s something you would like us to bake drop us a line to

Image: our crusty springy Altamura-style loaf The Gill on its debut at last week’s bake. Let us know what you thought if you had it last week.

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