Bakery Order List Friday 29th June

This week we are saying cheerio to Alex Trotta, our lovely Italian placement- Alex is off to start his masters in urban design at the University of Brussels- we hope we’ll be seeing him next year as part of our up and coming show in Middleport. Alex has been a real trooper in the bakery- mixing, driving and making lunches- we’re celebrating today with his homemade gnocchi!
Cheers Alex!
If you know anyone who would like work experience, a volunteering opportunity or casual work over the summer do get in touch on our new phone number- you get straight through to the bakery on 01782 244561. We’re in on Fridays- but otherwise leave us a message.

Oh yes and ….it’s potato and thyme for a special this week with an option to upgrade to the cheese, chilli, potato and thyme version.

Check out the full list via the link.

Bread Course on 15th July
If you are part of a group and would like us to run a short course for you do get in touch and we’ll arrange dates and times to suit.

Ordering through the form by Weds at 6pm. Your bread will say £0.00 in the order box to make the form work, but in the text we give the price you pay on collection: cash or card payments, cash if possible. We are open on Friday from 12 noon – 5:00pm for you to pick up your order.

This week’s order form is here.

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