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Bakery order list for Friday March 16th out now

Our bake list is out now, featuring a substantial special Potato and Thyme Plait alongside regular bakes such as Focaccia, Golden Brown Loaf and sweet treats like babka roses and Bread In Common doughnuts.

Eagle-eyed customers will see that we don’t put V or V+ alongside our loaves now to denote vegetarian or vegan. Instead we list all the ingredients in the order form, leaving you to choose knowing exactly what’s in each loaf. HINT: There’s not an E-number in sight!

Ordering through the form by Weds 6pm. Your bread will say £0.00 in the order box to make the form work, but in the text we give the price you pay on collection: cash or card payments, cash if possible. If you are planning to pick up your order after 4pm on Friday just let us know at
This week’s order form is here.

Starring in this week’s photo: our Golden Brown Loaf

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