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Bakery Order List for Friday March 23rd out now

Easter is fast approaching…which can only mean the return of our classic Hot Cross Buns. Spicier, fruitier and a little more substantial than the norm, these have been a huge favourite whenever we put them on. Why not try them this week, and really order up for Easter next week. We are open Good Friday for you to pick up any last-minute bakery orders…

Joining them is an Easter treat introduced to us by Alex Trotta, with us on placement from Italy. As well as being an architect he’s no mean baker. Bomboloni are custard-filled doughnuts that are, as the name suggests, a total flavour bomb.

Ordering through the form by Weds 6pm. Your bread will say £0.00 in the order box to make the form work, but in the text we give the price you pay on collection: cash or card payments, cash if possible. We are open on Friday from 11am – 4:00pm for you to pick up your order.

This week’s order form is here.

Starring in this week’s photo: Hot Cross Buns (homemade plum jam not included).

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