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Bakery Order List for Thurs 11 May Out Now

Everything is back to normal this week after weeks of holidays, so here’s this week’s bakery list to leaven the fact that it’s a five-day week. Star bake is surely the Fougasse – our version of the Provence flatbread. Its distinctive pattern is traditionally meant to signify an ear of wheat, and it continues this week in either plain or with herbs. Second special is our latest twist on the Babka, one of our most loved bakes. We’ve been inspired by the flavours of Indian sweets to create the Barfi Babka which, judging by orders from last week, is proving to be a good choice. There’s all our regular bakes too, from teacakes to our Staffs Oaty Cob loaf.

So where does the word Fougasse come from? Like Focaccia or Pogaca in the Balkans, it is a word derived from the Latin panis focacius, which describes a flatbread that was baked in the ashes of the hearth (focus). French variations we’re not yet doing include Fougasse a l’anchois (with anchovy paste) and the fantastic-sounding Fougasse aux gratillons (with pork cracklings). Maybe next time it’s a special. And, hint hint, there’s even a Christmas special dessert variation brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with icing sugar. Plenty of time to practice that.

Order and pay online at
or email us at by 6pm on Weds 10 May, pick up your order freshly baked that day on Thurs 11 May from 1-6pm.

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