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Bakery Order List for Thurs 2 March out now

There’s no better week for Bread In Common than new specials week: we love seeing how they go down with you all as we’ve been finessing them over test bakes. The Apple and Custard Kickshaw has been wowing tasters in the bakery and now it’s your turn. Joining our Bread In Common take on the apple Danish is second special a Rye Soda Bread Loaf. We’ve given Irish classic our own twist with honey, seeds and buttermilk. Again, these two are only around for three weeks so don’t dilly dally.

The English Muffins from our last roster of specials proved so popular that they’ve graduated to the regular bake list. There is no higher honour.

Order and pay online at

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or email us at by 6pm on Weds 1 March, pick up your order freshly baked that day on Thurs 2 March from 1-6pm.

What’s a Kickshaw then? The odd name sounds Oriental, possibly thanks to its homophony with “rickshaw”, but it is French. Kickshaw is our rendition of the phrase quelque chose, meaning “something”. The OED’s first citation comes from Shakespeare. In Henry IV Part II (1598), a supper is prepared for Falstaff consisting of “a joint of mutton and any pretty little kickshaws”.” Thanks to Christopher Hirst of The Daily Telegraph for the definition in a highly entertaining article. It’s our first Shakespeare inspired special.

Picture: it’s the Kickshaw of course!

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