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Bakery Order List for Thursday 27 October

It’s almost time for Bonfire Night – we’ll be venturing out on November 5th, but you don’t need to wait that long for our Lancashire Parkin special, full of ginger and treacle. Just the kind of warming treat to go with fireworks, bonfires and…well why wait for all that, try them out this week, serve them at the bonfire next week.
We’ve had such a good reaction to the Honey, Spelt and Sunflower that it’s graduated from the specials list to our regular bakes – so if you enjoyed its sweet, nutty crunch then carry on!
We had a good time at the Newcastle-under-Lyme farmers market and won over some new converts to the cause of real bread freshly baked locally. We’re back at the market on Fri 18 Nov.

Order and pay online on the page here. or drop us a line on with your order and pay on the day. Orders close 6pm Weds, pick up 1-6 Thurs from us at 72 Hartshill Road ST4 7RB.

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