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Bakery Order List Thursday 29 September

It’s been another very busy week at Bread In Common, Stoke’s real bread bakery. As part of the Stoke Arts Map event at the weekend we opened up for autumn activities. We made marrow chutney, plum jam and harvest sheafs from seasonal vegetables and sold out soup to hungry visitors. Well done to all who made it such a great day in Stoke town.

This week’s bake list includes for definitely the last week our Sfoof as well as the Fig and Fennel loaf. It you’ve not taken the plunge. As well as the specials Croissants (pictured) and Spelt Teacakes are settling in well to our regular bake list.

Also bedding down is our online payment system, which seemed for most people to work really well. Please be sure to let us know of any issues you encounter as soon as possible, and you can always email us at and pay on collection.

As always, order by 6pm on Weds, pick up Thurs 1-6pm. Our order form is here.

Image: Our croissant

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