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Bakery Order List Thursday 6 October

It’s all change time for our weekly specials. We welcome back an old friend, the Challah. It’s still got the same rich enriched dough and sesame topping but is now in a slightly more modest size so it fits in with our regular loaves. Our second special is a completely new bake: a spelt, sunflower and honey cob. We’d never say our loaves are gluten-free, as all flour has gluten – but the spelt flour in this loaf is a very ancient flour and is supposed to be particularly easy to digest.

So these two join all our regular bakes – and the Fat Whites looked so great last week we’ve featured them as our pictured loaves. You’ll notice the online order form now asks you for your email and name – this is so we can tie orders to people the second we get a notification. And please do let us have any feedback on our bakes. You can order and pay online on the page above, or send us an email and pay on collection. Orders close 6pm Wednesday 5th October. We’ll leave this week’s last word with a commentator on Facebook who said that the sfoof were wonderful, but she did eat all four she’d ordered in one day.

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