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Bread In Common cafe – bread sales on Fri and Sat 13 and 14 October

We will be selling bread again from noon, freshly baked, at the Bread In Common cafe in China Hall, Kingsway, Stoke-on-Trent. We are resident during the 2017 British Ceramics Biennial, running their exhibition cafe and also selling our bread on Fridays and Saturdays.

This weekend the bread list is:

Fig and Fennel Loaf 600g A perennial favourite with two flavours that combine brilliantly V+ £2.20

Golden Brown Loaf 800g Straightforward brown loaf made with 75% golden wholegrain and 25% strong white organic flour. V+ £2.00

Cherry Twist Loaf 500g We’ve taken our babka dough and added a warm spice mix plus a filling with maple syrup, sugar, chocolate chips, glace cherries and cinammon. A decadent sharing treat. (V) £2.50

Old Fashioned White 800g A not completely white split tin loaf, made using a 12 hour proof for a deeper bread flavour (V+) £2.00

Staffs Oaty Loaf 600g Baked with white and wholemeal organic bread flours with creamy oatmeal, and shot through with sunflower, pumpkin, and linseed seeds for a good crunch (V+) £2.30 – so yes, our Cob but in a tin!

Focaccia 300g Our version of the Italian classic with a variety of toppings – some (V) some (V+) £1.50. See photo above!

Cash and cards. Bread on sale from noon – 4pm. Don’t leave it too late to get the bread you want.

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