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  • Price: £ 2.20 Quantity:
    Fig and Fennel Loaf 600g A perennial favourite with two flavours that combine brilliantly V+ £2.20
  • Price: £ 0.70 Quantity:
    Raspberry Donuts – 50g Our babka dough filled with raspberry jam, dusted with sugar, then part-fried and baked for a slightly lighter but just-as-delicious treat (V) £0.70
  • Price: £ 2.00 Quantity:
    800g Straightforward brown loaf made with 75% golden wholegrain and 25% strong white organic flour. V+
  • Price: £ 1.95 Quantity:
    800G - a not completely white split tin loaf, made using a 12 hour proof for a deeper bread flavour (V+)
  • Price: £ 2.20 Quantity:
    Made with a base of white and wholemeal organic bread flours, a good dose of medium oatmeal for a creamy crumb, shot through with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds for a good crunch (V+)
  • Price: £ 1.50 Quantity:
    300g Our version of the Italian classic with: rosemary and sea salt (V+) £1.50
  • Price: £ 1.50 Quantity:
    300g Our version of the Italian classic with a cheese and caramelised onion topping (V) £1.50
  • Price: £ 0.80 Quantity:
    A return for an old favourite: fruit and spices in a hearty and intensely toastable treat. 100g (V)
  • Price: £ 2.80 Quantity:
    The same delicious recipe at a fantastic price for four.
  • Price: £ 1.00 Quantity:
    Poppy-seed filled sweet treats- like a Chelsea Bun but with a hint of Middle Eastern flavours (V) 120g each - the original recipe is back!
  • Price: £ 0.70 Quantity:
    Fluffy and slightly sweet inside, crisp and toastable outside. Our muffins will win a place on your breakfast table. Perfect with marmalade and a coffee. 90g V (contains milk).
  • Price: £ 2.50 Quantity:
    Same as above - but even better value at 4 for £2.50.
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